Outsourced CFO

From simple bookkeeping to a fully outsourced accounts function, Halkin Business Partners are more than just number crunchers. We have the capacity and capability to advise and implement on the optimal combination of software and resources to provide real time insights into your business’ performance. And we do all this whilst keeping compliance in check and costs to a minimum.


Our consultants will map out your processes, uncover efficiencies via technology and automation and re-engineer your systems into a seamless, integrated environment, saving you both time and money.


In addition to this, our Management Accounting team will provide transparency into your business by activating key financial disciplines including:


  • Creating and monitoring budgets / forecasts
  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Developing KPIs
  • Delivering a holistic performance dashboard

There are a number of ways an outsourced financial solutions can truly transform your business. The analysis and subsequent insight into your financial reports can:


  • Provide the structure you require to monitor progress
  • Help you to truly understand the business growth drivers
  • Make clear the potential inhibitors to business growth
  • Assist you to make educated structural, operational & strategic decisions

For expert financial advice and management, contact one of the Halkin team today.