Management Consulting

Our management consultants at Halkin are a dynamic team who integrate into your business with one purpose in mind – enhancing performance. Whether focusing on revenue generation, operational efficiency or the transition to a cloud-based business software platform, our experienced advisors can help turn your business into a profitable performer.

Our experienced consultants are ready to assist you with:


Commercial Development

Driving Revenue is an essential component of growing any business. We assist in the development or adjustment of commercial models by focusing on:
  • Market Analysis
  • Pricing
  • Channels to Market
  • Sales Targets/Forecasts

Operational Efficiency

Halkin experts provide a holistic offering to unlock efficiencies through system and process improvement including:
  • Remove waste from internal processes – duplication of activity, unnecessary steps and time delays.
  • Streamline processes – reducing the quantum of time and labour to achieve the same level of control.

Systems Integration – advisory and implementation

At Halkin, we believe we can create efficiencies through the seamless integration of  cloud based software, delivering real time insights and streamlining previously cumbersome manual processes.  
  • Accounting Software
  • Point of Sale Solutions
  • CRM Systems
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting Modules

Organisational Structure

Halkin Management Consultants will review your current organisational structure and then map out what it will look like based on your vision for the future. This provides clarity and accountability with roles and responsibilities agreed and outlined.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether it be through pursuing an acquisition strategy, merging businesses or facilitating an exit, Halkin Business Partners have a proven track record of working with our clients to achieve favourable outcomes.

Advisory Board Representation

Offering support and guidance across all facets of the business, we often sit on the advisory boards of clients, helping them to make critical business decisions.

Are you ready to become a profitable performer? Contact the team at Halkin today.